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Our Nano-Adaptive Apps are built on intellADAPT’s patented Adaptive 2.0 platform, and use a competency based approach to ensure complete mastery of the concept at an accelerated pace.

Innovate technology

Built around pedagogy, learning strategy models, and rich media, this new technology provide real-time feedback, social interaction, dynamic remediation, and learner analytics.

5 different learning strategies

The five learning strategies included in Adaptive 2.0 courses are based on brain research and defined as Apprentice, Incidental, Inductive, Deductive and Discovery.

Unique Pedagogy

Through continuous monitoring and statistical inference, a preferred learning strategy is determined for each individual by our sophisticated customization models.

Personalized Remediation

The content is also dynamically rendered if the formative assessments indicate that the student needs more work in mastering the concepts before they continue on to the next course module.

How it works

Individuals not only learn differently from others, but they also learn different kinds of content using different learning strategies. Each individual has a dominant learning strategy based on cognitive development and a unique pace to digest new learning.


Easy Login

With our seamless login options you never have to worry about lost data.


Big Data Analytics

With our Big Data Analytics engine we are able to seamlessly analyze your data and I've you real time feedback.


Personalized Remediation

With our personalized remediation steams every course it personalized to your needs.

What people are saying


The students especially like the varied learning strategies...

Benjamin C. Owens, Tri-County Early College High School

I strongly endorse the Adaptive 2.0 platform and its potential...

Roger D. Morneau, Lowell High School

Our Team

Our team has years of experience in both the education and startup markets.

Nishikant Sonwalkar

Swamini Shah
Business Analyst

Eric MacDonald
Lead Programmer

Sean Zorger
Front End Developer

Frequently asked questions

Adaptive learning software organizes and presents content based on individual student preferences and maximizes learning performance through continuous intelligent feedback.

intellADAPT’s technology is grounded firmly in science, linking the three principal schools of learning—behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism—to technology designed to improve learning behavior.

No. The privacy of all users of intellADAPT is of vital importance to us. We are only researching data on student outcomes of the usage of the tool.

We are currently developing several other courses!

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